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4 micro-fibre sponges
  • 4 micro-fibre sponges
  • 4 micro-fibre sponges
Product description

With their millions of fibres (100 times finer than hair), the micro-fibres have caused a revolution. Specially designed for great grip, they are useful for cleaning your gas cooker, work surfaces and stainless steel or enamel sinks. Use them in the bathroom to make hand basins, taps, mirrors and tiles shine without streaks or traces of scale. Efficient when used dry on furniture, they attract dust. Double-sided (1 side cleaning / 1 wiping), foam-lined, they clean everything in a flash. Size: approx. 14 x 15 cm. Sold in packs of 4, assorted colours.

4 micro-fibre sponges

The efficiency of micro-fibres and the practicality of a sponge

Ref. 9133.018
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