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Cryo-Shape 280 ml
  • Cryo-Shape 280 ml
Product description

Cryo-shape's performance is based on the combination of powerful active ingredients and an innovative concept: cryotherapy. This cold gel is composed of menthol and essential oil of peppermint with firming properties, as well as pink pepper oil which is naturally lipolytic. Its deep reaching action promotes the withdrawal and elimination of grease, while allowing you to regain a smooth and firm skin. Perfect for areas which are the most difficult to treat such as arms, love handles and saddlebags. 280 ml tube.

This is not a medicine. To consult the list of ingredients, go to with the item number of the product.

- Recommended by Sonia Dubois

Cryo-Shape 280 ml

A perfect solution for significantly reducing fat

Ref. 2323.129
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