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King Germ disinfectant
  • King Germ disinfectant
Product description

This multipurpose disinfectant can be used to deep clean the entire house. It is effective against viruses and bacteria, and disinfects bathrooms, kitchens, bathroom fittings, bins, switches, door handles, etc. It will ensure that the entire house is hygienic. Needs no rinsing, and is effective against bacteria and all viruses. Spray formula which is very convenient to use. Capacity: 750 ml.

Use biocidal products with care. Before any use, read the label and the information on the product. Dangerous, please observe precautions for use (H315, H318. Please refer to the glossaireue).

Made in France

King Germ disinfectant

Effective against bacteria and viruses

Ref. 8551.111