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"Love-bird" alarm
  • "Love-bird" alarm
Product description

You know about love-birds, the birds which call when they are separated? This alarm works in the same way. It is simple, and made up of 2 boxes. Keep one on you and attach the other to what you want to protect: a bag, a suitcase, a bike (or even a young child!) … , As soon as the 2 boxes are more than 5 metres from each other, the alarm sounds. Ideal for combating theft and for lost items! Works with 2 x AAA batteries not included.Dim.: 7 x 5.2 x 2 cm approx.

- Beep beep
- Keep one box on yourself
- As soon as the other box moves more than 5 metres away, the alarm sounds
- 1
- 2

"Love-bird" alarm

No more losing your precious things

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