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Miracle bar of soap
  • Miracle bar of soap
  • Miracle bar of soap
Product description

A clever mixture of ox bile, Sommieres earth and natural orange essence with cleansing, stain removal and absorbent properties to get to grips with the most stubborn stains on textiles (fats, ink, grass, blood ...). As an extra bonus, this soap leaves a delicate, fruity perfume. Dim. 12 x 3.3 x 2.2 cm. 100 g.

Dangerous, please observe precautions for use. (For further information on the product, please refer to the glossaireue).

Made in France

- Blood
- Grass
- Grease
- Sauce
- Fruit

Miracle bar of soap

Powerful stain removing soap for textiles

Ref. 7327.117