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Protective cover Deckchair
  • Protective cover Deckchair
Product description

Extend the life of your garden furniture, with these sturdy, waterproof, hardwearing covers! They protect from damp, dust and the sun's UV rays. In spring, you can reclaim your furniture ... looking as good as new! Cover for parasol, diameter 40 to 60 cm, height: 180 cm. Cover for barbecue, base: 140 x 56 cm; height: 45 cm. Cover for deckchair, base: 212 x 46 cm; height: 83 to 61 cm. Cover for round table (4 seater), diameter: 210 cm; height: 74 cm. Cover for rectangular table (8 seater), base: 250 x 210 cm; height: 80 cm.

- Rectangular table
- Protects from damp, sunshine and dust

Protective cover Deckchair

Your garden furniture stays dry in winter!

Ref. 4387.155