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Set of 2 refills
  • Set of 2 refills
  • Set of 2 refills
  • Set of 2 refills
Product description

This bucket is equipped with a pedal operated spin system which allows you to rinse the rotating mop head very easily, without effort or bending down. Press the pedal and the mop is spun instantly without having to put your hands in dirty water. Made from fine micro-fibre, it releases and captures all dirt and dust without using any chemicals. Your floors are clean in no time. The rotating mop is light and can be dismantled for easy storage as the handle comes in three sections. Mop in aluminium. Bucket in thermoplastic.

- surface ...
  • - Pedal for spin function
  • - Bucket
  • - Spin system

Set of 2 refills

The floor mop kit! the easy way to perfect floors 

Ref. 0811.216