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Special fabric cleaner
  • Special fabric cleaner
  • Special fabric cleaner
Product description

With this special fabric cleaner, you can freshen up your armchairs, settees and curtains. Just pour the product into a bowl (diluted or undiluted depending on the degree of dirt), soak the glove, and rub the fabric with it. Dirt disappears and colours look brighter. At the same time, it also destroys house mites and bacteria and removes unpleasant smells leaving behind the delicate fragrance of eau-de-cologne. Also recommended for carpets, car seats, etc. Can also be used in a spray bottle, cap. 500 ml.

  • - Cleans - with a wipe
  • - Enlivens the colours of all types of cloth: tapestries, velvet, and Alcantara fabric

Special fabric cleaner

Special for Armchairs, Settees and Curtains:

Ref. 4743.019
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