Special windscreen cleaner
Keeps your windscreen clean… even in the corners!
In the corners and near the dashboard-these are the dingiest parts of your windscreen. They're also the hardest to clean! This flat, streamlined cleaner with its micro-fibre squeegee is the solution to your problems. It will leave your windscreen clean without requiring anything more than a spray of ...More information
water for moisture. If your windscreen is covered with mosquitoes, use the scraper fitment-simply scrape a few times and the insects are gone! The wide foam handle ensures a comfortable grip. Comes with micro-fibre squeegee and scraper. Keep the spray bottle with you to be sure you can clean the windscreen wherever you are. Very useful to keep in your car (but can also be used in your home!). Length 48 cm.

- Streamlined, extra-flat For those hard-to-get-at corners
- Flexible, curved head adapts to curves in the glass
Special windscreen cleaner Available
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Duncan, 30/12/2011

This is excellent. I've had mine a few years now and it still works as good as new. Just wash out the microfibre cover, then you're away again.

Duncan, 10/01/2011

I've had one of these for quite a while now, it is excellent. It does what it says in the description. Just don't get the screen too wet. A light mist and it will work wonders. I find it useful when the screen is slightly damp, not only does it clear the screen it cleans it at the same time.

N.H.Dawes, 13/04/2010

This product is the best I have ever purchased,thank you for offering it for sale,would you be able to offer a discount for bulk purchase, regards N.H.Dawes

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