Pack of 2 insect repellents
Insect repellent Months free of insects even with the window open!
The new generation of insecticides, more effective and easier to use: just spray this product onto a targeted area: the bottoms of curtains, window frames and cracks in the wall, and you can forget about it for at least 6 months. The repellent destroys all crawling insects, by simple contact - even ...More information
with the window open you are protected. Treat your rooms now and spend an entire summer insect free! 500 ml bottle with spray (1 bottle treats around 10m2 of net curtaining).

Use biocidal products with care. Before every use, read the label and information on the product.Dangerous, respect the precautions for use. (H410 and for additional information linked to the product, refer to the glossary).

- Targeted use in the house
- Windows
- Silverfish in wardrobes and cupboards
- Dust mites in rugs and padded furniture
- Ants, cockroaches and roaches in kitchens
- Ticks and fleas in animal beds and baskets
- Works against all crawling insects:
- Repellent

- Crawling insects: ants, ticks, fleas, spiders, cockroaches and roaches
Pack of 2 insect repellents Available
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