6 in 1 Stonewell grill®
Stone will be the master of all your recipes The Stonewell® grill: it replaces 6 cooking appliances!
Say goodbye to your saucepans, frying pans and stewpots! Through stone-based cooking, this appliance will revolutionise your cooking methods and really make your life easier. It is completely versatile, and acts at the same time as a sauté pan, an oven, a griddle, a grill and a stewpot ... for ...More information
preparing everything in a few minutes. So you can simmer sauce-based dishes, sear steaks, grill fish, steam cook rice without sticking, produce crispy and golden pizzas as well as great quiches, tarts, paninis and toasted sandwiches ... Not forgetting all types of cake and desserts. When closed it becomes an oven. In both cases, the plates can be used independently as they have a separate switch. You have total control over the cooking by adjusting the time and the temperature, up to 185°. Thanks to its non-stick coating, it is very easy to clean and what's more, it comes with 8 ramequins for you to create delicious dishes. Plastic and metal. L.39 x W.31 x H.13 cm. 220/240V - 50/60Hz, 1200 W.

- Opens 180°
- Oven
- Frying pan
- Grill
- Fryer
- Stewpot
- Toasted sandwiches and hamburgers
- Ultra-hardwearing coating
- 3 positions: open/closed 90°/ closed
- Pizzas, quiches, tarts, chips, vegetables, meat, fish, pancakes ...

- Non-stick coating
- Exceptional non-stick properties!
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