Jar vaccum popper
Increase the shelf life of your opened jars!
Tomato sauce, meat patés, mayonnaise, and more, this clever utensil makes it possible to extend their shelf life by quite simply vacuum sealing them. Even open you can keep the food in the jars 3 to 5 times longer! Also perfect for home jams: your jars become vacuum-packed containers to reuse as long ...More information
as you want! Comes with a vacuum pump, a puncher, and 5 washable and reusable silicon valves. Plastic and metal. Size, 14x7x4cm.

- Transform your jars into vacuum-packed recipients
- Prolong shelf-life by 3 to 5 times
- 1. Pierce the lid with the puncher.
- 2. Position the valve
- 3. Pump to empty the air and seal the jar

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