5 black polyamide utensils
The essentials for easy cooking!
Every cordon bleu cook dreams of having these 5 high quality utensils to hand! The set includes: 1 large tongs (29 x 6 cm) for grasping anything without burning yourself, 1 scoop (29 x 5.5 cm) perfect for scraping and picking up food, 1 sauce spoon (29 x 5.5 cm), 1 perforated spatula (31 x 6 cm) and ...More information
one curved fork (27 x 4.5 cm) handy for unsticking items which have stuck. Don't damage non-stick coatings. In polyamide. Dishwasher proof.

- don't scratch
5 black polyamide utensils Available
£ 15.95
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