Inject'sauce tenderiser
Tenderiser and marinade injecter: it will make your meat twice as tasty!
This 2 in 1 accessory allows you to prick your meat to tenderise it and to directly inject the juice sucked up by the syringe from the cooking dish. Result: your legs of lamb, steaks and poultry are soft inside, perfectly cooked and as juicy as you could wish! In plastic and stainless steel. ...More information
Dishwasher proof. Dim. 22 x Ø = 8.5 cm. Capacity: approx. 85 ml.

- Suck up with the syringe
- Prick: 2 levels of blade depth
- Inject the desired quantity using the graduations
Inject'sauce tenderiser Available
£ 16.95
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