5 colourful microwave saucepans
Always useful for storing and reheating your food!
These brightly coloured saucepans are not only pretty, they are also useful on an everyday basis! You can use them to store food leftovers, freeze them and reheat them in the microwave! They are of excellent quality, and are equipped with an airtight lid to keep your food fresh, a steam valve for ...More information
even reheating and a very useful mini handle to avoid burning yourself. Plastic. 5 capacities: 220 mL, 260 mL, 470 mL, 770 mL and 1350 mL. Dishwasher proof.

- Freezer
- Refrigerator
- Microwave
- Airtight
- Steam valve
- Handle

5 colourful microwave saucepans Available
£ 13.95
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