Microfibre sweater dryer
Micro-fibre dries your sweaters
Dry them in the best way possible to make them last and stop them going out of shape!
Known and acknowledged for its strong absorption powers, this micro-fibre in a thick waffle weave is effective enough to dry all your sweaters super fast: roll the sweater up in the micro-fibre and it is already ...More information
almost dry. On the programme: sweaters which dry quickly, without marks or loss of shape. Dimensions: 54.5 x 88.5 cm.

- Waffle weave micro-fibre: even more absorbent!
- 1 / Place the sweater flat on the micro-fibre
- 2 / Roll up
- 3 / It's almost dry!
Microfibre sweater dryer Available
£ 19.95
Ref. 1954.312
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