50 cloths
50 cloths to clean everything… easily!
This roll offers you 20 metres of easy, rapid cleaning. These multi-purpose, multi-surface cloths are handy for use throughout the house, car or garden. This roll of woven cloths is made up of 50 cloths (approx. 40 cm long each); you can use them dry for dusting, or soaked in household cleaning ...More information
products for perfectly cleaned windows, floors, furniture… A handy cleaning ally for your house! 70% polyester, 30% viscose. Dim. approx. 20 x 40 cm.

- 20 metres
- 50 perforated and re-useable wipes
- Wood
- Car
- Windows
- Bathroom

- Multi-surfaces
- Multi-purpose
50 cloths Available
£ 5.99
Ref. 9120.114
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