Pack of 4 Coloured Micro-fibre Cloths
MICRO-CLEAN clean-anything cloths, remove grease without products or rubbing!
Each fibre is made up micro-filaments which act like scrapers and remove dirt without even needing any products. With one wipe, everything's clean, dry and shining! With this pack of "clean-anything cloths", in excellent quality terry fabric, you will now have a special "microfibre cloth" for each ...More information
use, recognisable by its colour. Dim. 37 x 37 cm approx.

- Gleaming sanitary ware
- Stainless steel wiped without any marks
- Degreases household appliances
Pack of 4 Coloured Micro-fibre Cloths Available
£ 12.95
Ref. 7468.010
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