Gel cleanser : Single or Batch 2
A revolutionary gel texture and ultra-cleaning power!
Forget classic cleansers that drip on windows and furniture with less than desirable efficiency! This new gel-texture formula will adhere to the surface to be cleaned without dripping so wiping up is easy and you use less product. Very efficient, it removes dust and fingerprints, cuts grease and adds ...More information
shine to surfaces and perfect transparency to windows. Multi-purpose, it can be used on all smooth surfaces: Formica, plastic, lacquered paints, tiles, mirrors, windows, LCD and plasma screens, etc. Quick drying. Spray bottle, 750 ml.

Dangerous. Follow instructions for use (H226, H319. Refer to the glossary.)

- For windows
- Screens
- Vertical surfaces
- Mirrors
- Does not drip
- Classic spray
- Gel

Set of 2 gel cleanser Available
£ 16.90
£ 25.90
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