Self-cleaning brushes
The brush which cleans itself!
Without refills or adhesive, this brush drastically removes animal hairs and fluff from all garments. How do you clean it? Just place it in the cleaning base, and it will come out clean and ready to carry on with its task. Comes in two sizes, each one with a cleaning base. In plastic and polyester. ...More information
Dimensions: large brush: 10 x 4.5 x 30 cm; small brush: 6.5 x 3 x 14 cm.

- Set of 2
- No refill or adhesive
- Perfect for all garments
- Clothing
- Car seats
- Two sides
- As seen on TV
- Just empty the cleaning base

- Perfect for all garments
- No refill or adhesive
- Sofas and armchairs
Self-cleaning brushes Available
£ 19.95
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