Duo Mop
2 in 1 cleaning: It vacuums and washes!
No more lugging around several tools to do your housework! Duo Mop does it all! It has a vacuum brush head to pick up the dust and dirt but also incorporates a microfibre head (removable and washable), a cleaning product tank and a spray control trigger, for washing floors. The microfibre head is ...More information
easily attached via magnets. Sturdy, lightweight and very manoeuvrable, it reaches everywhere, even underneath the furniture! It can be stored flat to take up minimum space when not in use. In plastic and aluminium. Dimensions: 24 x 12 x 127 cm in vacuum mode, 39 x 12.5 x 127 cm in mop mode.

- Removable microfibre head
- Spray
- Tank
- Spray control trigger
- Spray tank
- Mechanical vacuum
- Microfibre mop
- Cordless
- Converts to a microfibre mop in one click using magnets
- As seen on TV

Duo Mop Available
£ 49.90
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