Dust Glutton Sweeper
The carpet sweeper which is electric and rechargeable. Cordless, bag-free, it sucks up everything on all types of flooring
No more need to get out the big vacuum cleaner, no more wires to plug in: with your dust glutton, you just press the button with your foot: its rotating brush picks up everything in its path, dust, threads or animal hair, on carpets, rugs and smooth floors. It is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, ...More information
just direct it with a movement of the wrist and it will slide under furniture and beds to pick up fluff. Remove the handle and you have a hand-held appliance which is ideal for staircases, sofas or car seats. No bag to change, the dust box can be removed and emptied in one movement. When the job's finished, it can be stored in the minimum amount of space. It has a battery life of 15 to 20 minutes and is recharged by simply plugging into the mains. 7.2 V battery, 6 W power. Comes with charger unit.

- Its rotating brush picks up dust, threads and hairs
- Easy to empty dustbox
- Ultra-flat to slide underneath furniture
- Turns right or left
- Transforms into a hand-held sweeper
- Stairs
- Car seats, sofas

£ 49.00
Ref. 9097.015
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