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WC foam powder, 480 gr
  • WC foam powder, 480 gr
  • WC foam powder, 480 gr
Product description

This WC foam powder is an essential item for optimal cleanliness, removing dirt from the nooks and crannies of the bowl. On contact with water, it transforms into foam with active particles which clean and dislodge dirt deep down. No need to scrub, just pull the flush, and it's clean! Economical: 1 dose per clean is enough! Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, descaling agents, bleaching and perfuming agents. 480 g jar with measurer.

Dangerous, respect the precautions for use. (H315, H318. Refer to the glossaireue).

- 2) Leave to act
- 3) Rinse

WC foam powder, 480 gr

Clean your toilets without scrubbing!

Ref. 6677.322