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Your monthly gifts

Lots of you are now part of Ideal Practical and we'd like to thank you.

Every month, we give you a gift and a perk that we've specially selected for you.

Don't forget to include the gift code of the month in your basket to take advantage!

This month's gift code:

With my gift code, I can take advantage of all of the following gifts:

Your 1st free gift for any order

The Maxi-Sac Isotherm
  • The Maxi-Sac Isotherm

The Maxi-Sac Isotherm


The Maxi-Sac Isotherme * offered with your order.

With your GIFT, keep your fresh products perfectly preserved... even under the summer sun !

At the butcher's, the greengrocer's, during a picnic... your Maxi-Sac will follow you everywhere to offer a cocoon of freshness to all your food products thanks to its thermo-insulating interior coating.

You will appreciate its generous dimensions, its perfectly sealed zipper and its ease of storage once folded.

Ask for it now !

*Free with your order. While stocks last. May be substituted. In the event of stock outage, IDEAL Practical reserves the right to replace your gift with an item of equivalent or higher value or with a voucher for £6.


Your 2th Perk as soon as your order reaches £39.00

The "Detox Kitchen" equipment
  • The "Detox Kitchen" equipment

The "Detox Kitchen" equipment


A "Detox Kitchen" equipment for only £1 more.

Do you want to cook with vitamins and detoxify your body?

Treat yourself to one of the season's must-have equipment.
Colourful, practical, easy to store... Let yourself be tempted!

This month's gift code: